Start a digital learning revolution among your employees and train everyone in the house.

Designed to boost business results, increase revenue and make your employees experts in their field with minimum training investment. Personalized for any type of corporation. Ultra-Secured by newest technology. Made in Germany. Each purchase of Stack includes six months of free support, lifetime free content and bug-fix updates.

Save Time

Create the training you only used to dream about in a heartbeat working in a single workspace and taking control of all the latest tools available.

Share knowledge

Train your team members with the knowledge you have, involve new employees at record speed and educate your top performers with the most recent tools and updates.

Enhance value

Enhance your company’s reputation, increase revenue, take the ranking positions on the market, and attract new clients and business partners.


E-Training Solutions provides your business with many positive aspects

Safe time

Once e-Training is fully set up, all you have to do is to give access to your team members and enjoy their professional growth right in front of your eyes. With the help of our interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use software, you compile your training course only once, while educating your employees many times over.

Speed Up Employee Onboarding

The learners can access the materials from any geographical point in the world, from any device, and become productive faster. You don’t have to wait for a minimum number of learners to conduct the training program or to coordinate the training
schedules while hiring new employees. As a result, you can get new team members on board much quicker. You can train new employees, as well as your top specialists, to keep them updated with all of the recent trends and technologies.

Maximize knowledge Retention

Your employees will get interactive video-based trainings with user-focused tutorials, simulations and assessments that require critical thinking. Video-based learning fuels student engagement and participation, reduces cognitive overload and creates a perfect environment for microlearning, repetition and immediate knowledge application.

Cost Reduction

E-Learning dramatically reduces the corporate training costs. You just need to get online training software and forget about hiring instructors, buying learning materials and memberships to development courses, planning workshops and webinars, spending time and money on the road and being off work. E-Training Solutions offers you the whole package for almost nothing and we guarantee a very quick return on investment.

Increased Productivity

With e-Training your team members can have instant access to any type of information on-the-go or at home, so they can fully focus on their tasks at work. It allows them to study at their own pace and it will remove the stress. They can review material as many times as necessary and apply their knowledge practically. Learning in their free time will lead to better performance and higher efficiency.

Create consistency

E-Training allows you to create a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content. Analyze, in minutes, all of your employees in terms of progress and easily identify your top team members, as well as staff who need improvement. We offer certification after completion of each course so your employees feel more encouraged to study and add extra points to their CV.

Enhance reputation

E-training boosts company’s reputation and profile as everyone today is willing to work in an environment where they can learn, grow and innovate. Implementing e-training will help you attract more experienced and valuable applicants eager to join your
enterprise, as well as new clients and business partners ready to invest their money in something trustworthy.

Increase revenue

You invest in course development once and your employees or stakeholders can get trained over and over again. You can train your employees and your customers, as well as the public with the knowledge you have. It will add additional profits to your
company as well as make your organization an industry leader. Great productivity of your staff can increase your revenue by at least 300%.

Be One Step Ahead


Video Training

We are very excited to offer you an innovative, robust, video-based social training platform, which is very easy and straightforward to use. Forget about endless slideshows and manuals of notes which tend to overload learners with information presented in a predictive and boring way. With video training, you will be able to grab and hold your employee’s attention from the start until the very end, as well as increase their participation and engagement. Video-based training is not only cost and time effective, it also combines different learning styles such as aural, visual, verbal, reading and writing. Divide your training into modules, chapters, lessons and check your students’ knowledge with different types of assessments.

Code Quality

E-Training Solutions is built with customization and ease-of-use at its core. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, you’ll be creating attractive training much faster than with any other traditional WordPress Theme. E-Training Solutions will
take your business to the top with clear and understandable design and implementation, well defined interfaces, efficiency and maintainability, as well as robustness. Our team constantly reviews the software inner structure, implements dynamic and static tests and works on updates, so you can get error- and bug-free training software.

Visual Design

When it comes to e-Training, none of our team members will agree with the words “don’t judge a book by its cover”. No doubt, choosing the most informative and interactive content is important, but we also dedicate a lot of time to creating stunning visual design. Our specialists always remember the key rule that graphic design is meant to make the learners focus, but not distract them. Your employees will enjoy visual design that creates focal points, helps with navigation, improves readability and establishes relationships between the topics.

Amazing Customer Support

Do not worry if you get stuck and need advice, we are always here for you. We believe that there is no problem that can’t be solved. Our 24/7 expert team is always happy to chat and become your e-Training advisors. You can drop us a message in online chat or write an e-mail. Want to call and have a word with us? Go ahead, we will be happy to hear from you.


Follow these steps to learn how to create professional looking training

Create your e-Training membership area

Upload training to the system

Give out access to your employees

Onboard new users and refresh the knowledge of the rest

E-Training Solutions offers you everything for designing awesome courses. I’m constantly training my employees and now thinking of selling courses to the public.

Phil Simon


E-Training Solutions is an interactive and engaging educational platform. Very straightforward, reliable and easy to use.

David Hill


My team loves studying with e-Training Solutions and it has definitely met all our needs. Nothing can make me happier than professional growth of my employees and the ability to share knowledge so easily.

Richard Fabio



E-Training Solutions will get you fully covered on your journey. 24/7 support. Guaranteed.


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